The new revolution in home-based botanical extraction, mixing, and formulation.

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Nutraceutical Botanical Extraction and Formulation

SwissMixIt is a home-based DIY botanical oil extractor and formulator using the latest hi-tech induction touch-less mixing technology. Add botanicals into Mason jar with vegetable oil, mix, and dispense in the same container. Revolutionary craft extractions for healthier skin.

Botanicals | Boutique | Store

SwissMixIt raw botanicals can be purchased here. Of course you can source fresh organics directly from the farmer. Whole dried botanicals can be ground up into a powder for more surface area which increases extraction rate. Botanicals can be mixed and matched for their healing power, fragrance, and appeal.

Recipe Formulation

Recipes and formulations for DIY at-home skin care creams and essential oil botanical infusion extractions using the SwissMixIt system.