Recipe Formulation

This section will include new recipes and formulations. A database will contain both ingredients and the process to make the recipe.

Is green extraction using vegetable oil better than distillation ? Vegetable oils have been used as solvents for extraction, purification and formulation by ancient civilizations such as Egyptians and Phoenicians, Indians and Chinese, and even Mayas and Aztecs. Ancient Egyptians firstly produced infusions of medicinal or aromatic plants in vegetable oils as solvents for therapeutic, nutritional, aesthetic and spiritual purposes. They used vegetable oils in the formulation of cosmetics providing emollience, moisturizers and grooming, or acting as solvents and vehicles to carry other agents. Due to the fact that several special phytochemicals are either destroyed or lost during distillation, or are very difficult to extract resulting in a low yield of essential oils, herbal infused oils are indispensable for obtaining such compounds. Vegetable oils could be one of the solutions coming from the past and acting as a future of humanity as an ecologic and an economic alternative to petroleum and hazardous solvents, and turning to sustainability in the 21th century.  See: Vegetable Oils as Alternative Solvents for Green Oleo-Extraction, Purification and Formulation of Food and Natural Products

Benefits of SwissMixIt:

-Effective and fast organic extraction using vegetable oil. The carrier oil (olive oil or other vegetable oils) act as the extracting agent to pull out oils from the botanicals. This makes an essential oil in the same dispenser jar.

-Multiple Mason jar containers of different herbal extractions can be done simultaneously, then pumped into one jar for the main mixing.

-Mason jar containers can be used first as extraction and mixing, then as a hand-pump dispenser, or, the end product can be moved into separate bottles or dispensers.

-Small production line formulations can be matched to individual or customer needs (i.e. easily made custom bottled formulations using different herbal extractions combined into one bottle).

-Creams can be formulated using this process, then moved into squeeze containers for home or travel sized use. Skin creams are not only beneficial to skin for anti-aging, but can be combined with zinc or other ingredients to make sunscreen protection. Blending antioxidant extractions into these creams gives you an authentic and organic method of promoting healthy skin.

-Induction mixing can be used to make cold brewed teas quickly.

-Artisian (craft) vinegars can be formulated running the filter backwards with an air pump to oxygenate the solution. While oxygen is not desirable with extractions (oxidation reduces shelf life), it’s a beneficial component to making vinegars and even recipes like sourdough bread where oxygen is needed to promote aging.

-Induction mixing can be used with water to make simple air filters. The vortex action of the water sucks air down into the water, which attracts particulates. Combined with simple static generators, this can become a DIY ESP (electrostatic precipitator). The best advantage of this type of air filter is that the consumable is simple (and easily replaced) water.

-Induction mixing and air diffusion (using an air pump running the filter backwards) can be used with water to make fresh water from salt water (desalination).

-Liquid soap can also be made using the induction mixing for custom soaps with essential oil organic scents and healthy ingredients. Best of all, the mixing container is also the hand pump dispenser.