Healthy alternatives that you make at home.

SwissMixIt was founded by a innovator in whole plant and herbal extraction technology field. The business concept was created while visiting the Burgenstock Resort in Lucerne, Switzerland. While inventing new organic methods formulating antioxidants from organic plants, he saw the need for new formulations, portability while traveling, and healthy body renewal (both at home and while traveling). The key to healthy skin and body starts with proper nutrition. Beyond that, essential skin oils, creams, and other products can build a better health eco system. This is done by authenticating organic botanicals, and extracting the active ingredients which you can form into products you can use on a daily basis.

Holistic Design: Our core technology of oil extraction was developed so you can use it in your house, which means you are not dependent on third-party processors. The benefit of using a healthy vegetable oil to extract an oil from a botanical in a self-dispensing Mason jar lets you control the ingredients and the process. It’s not only healthy, but fun.

Contact: greg@swissmixit.com