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KeyWords: coconut oil, cardiovascular disease, cholesterol, coconut, lauric acid, medium-chain triglycerides, Palm oil, nutrition, health, national development, metabolism, saturated fatty acids, blood lipids, dietary fats, olive oil, depression, medium-chain fatty acids, Copra oil, High fructose diet, Oxidative stress, Insulin resistance, Hepatosteatosis, plant oil, barrier function, barrier repair, wound healing, inflammation, antioxidant activity, skin aging

Description and Abstracts:

KeyWords: coconut oil, cardiovascular disease, cholesterol, coconut, lauric acid, medium-chain triglycerides, Palm oil, nutrition, health, national development, metabolism, saturated fatty acids, blood lipids, dietary fats, olive oil, depression, medium-chain fatty acids, Copra oil, High fructose diet, Oxidative stress, Insulin resistance, Hepatosteatosis, plant oil, barrier function, barrier repair, wound healing, inflammation, antioxidant activity, skin aging

Description and Abstracts:

The coconut (Cocos nucifera), which is one of the most important perennial sources of vegetable oil, has been consumed in tropical countries for thousands of years. Compared with all other oilseed crops, coconut is more productive, more consistently productive, and less susceptible to climatic variations. Of the 97 countries in which coconut palms are grown, Philippines, Indonesia, India, Vietnam, Mexico, Papua New Guinea, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, and Thailand produce almost 90 percent of the world’s coconut oil. Plant oils have been utilized for a variety of purposes throughout history, with their integration into foods, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical products. They are now being increasingly recognized for their effects on both skin diseases and the restoration of cutaneous homeostasis. The naturally occurring resources like coconut oil, ginger extract, and vitamin E possess substantial beneficial effect on human skin. The phytochemicals of coconut oil and ginger extract have anti-oxidant and anti-microbial activities. The extraction of coconut oil, ginger and vitamin E from wheat germ was done by super critical fluid extraction in pilot scale, using carbon dioxide as solvent. The molecular docking was done to support the wet lab data of anti-microbial activities of this oil with in-silico analysis. The results showed that active ingredients of the coconut oil were released from the creams; this was shown from the good antimicrobial activity of the cream confirming that all formulation ingredients were compatible and did not interfere with activity of the oil. The creams were also found to be stable, as a result of their ability to withstand shock and maintain their physical characteristics. LA exposure in a p53-independent manner, is involved in the apoptotic effects prompted by LA in both breast and endometrial cancer cells. Collectively, our findings may pave the way to better understand the anticancer action of LA, although additional studies are warranted to further corroborate its usefulness in more comprehensive therapeutic approaches. Fatty acid in virgin coconut oil (VCO) was potential as immunostimulant, which therefore could increase chicken immunity through the increase of lymphocyte T and Th-CD4. Coconut oil has been an important edible oil for the food industry for many years and is normally termed or classified as a lauric oil, a tropical oil, or a confectionery fat. Research on manufactured medium-chain triglycerides in the literature cannot be applied to coconut oil because the triglycerides predominant in coconut oil are different in their structure, absorption, and metabolism. One of the advantages of coconut oil is its resistance to oxidation and polymerization, which makes it a stable oil for cooking. For example, it is suitable for single-use shallow frying, although it is not recommended for continuous deep-fat frying because of its low smoke point, which may lead to the production of potentially carcinogenic substances upon overheating. Not all saturated fatty acids produce the same cholesterol-raising effects. Differences in the effects have been attributed to a combination of variations in the structural shape, the melting point, and the water solubility of the fatty acids. In summary, this review found no evidence that coconut oil should be viewed differently from other sources of dietary saturated fat with regard to dietary recommendations. Historically, dietary fats and oils have engendered considerable debate regarding type and optimal amounts used in the diet, their role in regulating body weight and their importance in the aetiology of chronic disease. Daily consumption of 30 mL VCO in young healthy adults significantly increased high-density lipoprotein cholesterol. No major safety issues of taking VCO daily for 8 weeks were reported. These results revealed that VCO associated with HFD induced important metabolic alterations, adipose inflammation, and hepatic lipid accumulation in rats. Two different dietary fats (butter and coconut oil) which are predominantly saturated fats, appear to have different effects on blood lipids compared with olive oil, a predominantly monounsaturated fat with coconut oil more comparable to olive oil with respect to LDL-C. Furthermore, mice treated with VCO were found to exhibit higher levels of brain antioxidants, lower levels of brain 5-hydroxytryptamine and reduced weight of the adrenal glands. Consequently, the serum cholesterol, triglyceride, glucose and corticosterone levels were also lower in VCO-treated mice. These results suggest the potential value of VCO as an antistress functional oil. Virgin coconut oil (VCO) has been shown to possess insulinotropic effects shown in isolated perfused mouse islet with hypolipidemic effects. Hot extracted virgin coconut oil (HEVCO) has been shown to possess better antioxidant properties than cold extracted virgin coconut oil (CEVCO). These properties were exploited to study the anti-diabetic effects of HEVCO and CEVCO in diabetic rats. These beneficial effects may be attributed to increased polyphenolic and other antioxidants content present in HEVCO. We postulate that the coconut oil in the HFD oil may have supported normal glucose homeostasis and modulated the immune response, possibly through regulation of microbial community dynamics and fatty acid metabolism. This animal model holds promise for the study of how different types of obesity and high fat diets may affect metabolism, immune phenotype, and microbial dynamics. High fructose containing CO is an established model for insulin resistance and steatohepatitis in rodents. These results suggest that VCO could be an efficient nutraceutical in preventing the development of diet induced insulin resistance and associated complications possibly through its antioxidant efficacy.

Organic Skin Care DIY Home Based Solutions – SwissMixIt Information Series | SwissMixIt Search Presents: coconut-oil | Evaluation of Chemical Constituents and Antioxidant Activity of Coconut Water

Organic Skin Care DIY Home Based Solutions – SwissMixIt Information Series SwissMixIt Search Presents: coconut-oil

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