Home based botanical extraction, mixing, and formulation

Nutraceutical Botanical Extraction and Formulation

SwissMixIt: Micro Botanical Oil Extractor and formulation system using the most advanced induction mixing technology. From farm to table, this oil extractor is perfect for full spectrum hemp and other nutraceutical and essential oil botanicals using the latest green extraction technology. The same mixing technology can also be used to deploy your botanical extraction into a DIY skin cream.

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Olive oil, Rice Bran Oil, Tamanu Oil, Grinder, Organic Amla, Black Seeds, Oregano, Lavender, Moringa, Vanilla Beans, Ultrasonic Cleaner, Bees Wax, Shea Butter, Mango Butter, Cocoa Butter, Oil Makers Handbook, Handbook of Essential Oils, Induction Sealer for Bottle Caps, Red Light Therapy Device, Astragalus Root, Walnut Oil, Walnuts, Label Printers, Mason Jars, Dispensers. For More Info…

Magnetic Mixer for Infused Oils and Skin Creams. We are offering this unit (we use it ourselves) until we have our induction magnetic mixer ready in a few months.

Magnetic Mixer

While we are still developing our induction mixer, you can purchase this unit from Amazon, which works great.

This mixer can be used for both infused oils, and mixing DIY skin creams.

Magnetic Mixer (link via Amazon)

Stainless Steel .5 Micron high filtration element with 1/4 inch attach point. Used for pump tops on Mason jars or other container pumps that allow a 1/4 inch tube connection. This is for making oil infusions. Allows you to mix and extract in same Mason jar and then pump out oil and extract while filter leaves and particulates behind.

Stainless Steel Micron Filter

Stainless Steel Filter Element for pump top Mason jars.

Description: .5 Micron high filtration element with 1/4 inch attach point. Used for pump tops on Mason jars or other container pumps that allow a 1/4 inch tube connection. This is for making oil infusions. Allows you to mix and extract in same Mason jar and then pump out oil and extract while filter leaves and particulates behind. Great for making hemp oil. Can be run in reverse with an air pump for making aerated yeast growth, vinegar, and more. Includes two (2) filters and shipping in USA via USPS Flat Rate box.

Price (2 filters): $49.99

Shipping and Handling: Included to domestic USA via USPS Flat Rate Box

Stainless Steel Filter (Two x .5 Micron filters and USPS shipping included) Via PayPal and shipped directly from SwissMixIt

The DIY Full Spectrum Oil Extraction System for Home or Small Business Uses Vegetable Oil as the Solvent and a Magnetic Mixer

Formulations and Recipies

Browse our formulations and recipies.

A database will contain both ingredients and the process to make the recipe. If you have a recipe to share, please email it to me and I will post it here. Currently we’re developing a SwissMixIt home software kit which will allow you to use your computer or iPhone (or iPad) to access your own database and quick order links from the palm of your hand. We’re also offering a professional version for craft manufacturing and selling of your own skin care products. This will include label makers and other tools to help you formulate, develop, and sell your skin care products. For More Info…


The shop is currently open for online shopping (via Amazon). The mixer will be available shortly.

Craft Artisan infused oil and custom skin creams can be made and sold via local Farmer's Markets or online. Please see our Business Membership page for further details.

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SwissMixIt was founded by an entrepaneur the developed and sold botanical extraction systems in the USA. The huge knowledge and experience from that development is now available to you at the home-based level. You can do personal extractions, infusions, and skin cream formulations for your own health, appearance, and even start a business. Click on the link below for more information and a listing of experience in the industry. For More Info…


Frequently asked questions about DIY at-home extraction, oil infustion, and skin cream production.

Exposure to oxygen and UV light are enemies of extracts and cosmetics because of oxidation. CO2 extractions have a very long shelf life. If you want to prolong your extract, top of the jar with CO2 (you can use SodaStream or other carbonation device) or vacuum seal (suck out the air)... For More Info…

Skin Health

Frequently asked questions about DIY at-home extraction, oil infustion, and skin cream production.

Base: Start with a standard, well performing skin cream. For this, keep it simple. I recommend our standard formulation of skin cream: Rice Bran oil, bees wax, Shea butter, Mango butter, and distilled water (you may add some Monoi oil for scent).

Cover Oil: Infused oil. Start with a good carrier oil like Rice Bran oil, Olive oil, Walnut oil, or Avocado oil. Then add your choice of nutraceuticals (Amla, Black Seed, Aloe, Vanilla, Oregano, Coffee,etc.). The botanicals will naturally extract using the induction mixer system with SwissMixIt and the carrier oil draws out the essential oils and terpines (flavonols). For More Info…

SwissMixIt Business Membership Program

Business Membership Program

Start your own business. SwissMixIt is offering a business membership program for a fee of $999 per year.

Membership includes:

- webpage listing on this site

- FileMaker invoice and other business applications which get your business up and running quickly

- branding

- label templates

- support

- lead generation

- articles for members only

- business opportunities for hemp and botanicals

- ROI database solution for hemp production and products

Note: We base our business on FileMaker database system. This website was generated on our own designed FileMaker Solution.

Purchase Annual Business Membership via PayPal ($999 per year)

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Email: Business Membership

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Claris FileMaker for Windows and Mac: Link for more information


SwissMixIt is now offering software based on Filemaker database platform to make your system more efficient.

Unleash the power of the QR code. Use it for product labels, advertising, even put on a YouTube video so that customers can simple point a smartphone at the screen to capture the QR code and go to your website where you are selling product. For More Info…


Are you curious which botanicals are healthy? Which ones appear the most in commercial cosmetics? Recipies of common cosmetics. More important, why is formulating your own skin creams and infusions better for your health?

Listing of current research and science. Research protocol and sources. Sources: NIH.gov and https://www.mdpi.com/

While we have a research list, you are welcome to email with topic suggestions. Specifically, we're interested in botanicals that are readily available, that can be grown organically, and extract or infused with oil to combine into skin cream for overall body health and appearance. For More Info…

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$399 DIY Home Extraction Infusion System Make at-home full spectrum extractions for infused oil and skin cream. Uses vegetable oil as the solvent for the extraction, and dispense right out of the Mason jar. The same mixer can be used to make high value skin creams. Touchless extraction and mixing. The stainless steel filter can be reused. Buy the complete kit now via PayPal (for domestic USA only)... More Info

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