Hemp Production Tips

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Hemp Production Tips

1. Oilseed, hybrid, and fiber are the types of industrial hemp.

2. As a short day plant, hemp develops flowers when length of day is less than 12 hours. Earlier planting is best for more veg growth, for more robust plants for higher fiber yields and seeds.

3. Hemp is male or female (dioecious), and male plants flower and die earlier.

4. Grows best in well-aerated loam, loose soil, with high fertility and organic matter.

5. Plant when soil is 46-50 F (slightly before corn). Rainfall is most important in first six weeks, and 25-30 inches per year preferred.

6. Plant seeds .75-1.25 inches in depth.

7. Plant using standard grain drill, in 6-7 inch rows using every run of the drill.

8. Seed rate 25-40 pound per acre. Hemp has about 27,000 seeds per pound. 10-15 plants per square foot.

9. Germination to 12 inches in 3-4 weeks of planting. 20 plants per square foot will suppress nearly all weed growth.

10. Hemp requires about same fertilizer as a crop of high yielding wheat or corn.

11. May be grown in a few years in continuous rotation on same land. Don’t follow canola, edible beans, soybeans, or sunflowers (white mold or other pests/diseases risk).

12. Prone to insects and pathogens.

13. Gray and white mold have been reported.

14. Grasshoppers, armyworm, and European corn borer have done damage to hemp crops in North America.

15. Four year rotation is recommended, since no pesticides are registered for use on hemp in USA.


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Source: https://dev.purduehemp.org/hemp-production/

Review by: Staff

Hemp Production Tips

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